četrtek, 06. december 2007


This is a pic of men whit motorbike when he jump.
Very dangerous!!

Image by Neopixx

petek, 09. november 2007

Citroen Xsara vts 2.0

So, this is a Citroen Xsara Coupe Vts, I like this car and for this reason I write about it.
Now I already have a Citroen Xsara, but it is not Cuope and it is not Vts.
If I have chance to change my car, I will take this car, but maybe in other color..
This type of Xsara have 163hp which is good, becouse you can drive very fast.. =))
No no, I'm joking, so drive carefully, will be stil nice!!!

četrtek, 08. november 2007

Have fun

If you don't know who I am, I am a guy with accordion. =)

sreda, 07. november 2007

When I started using Internet

I really don't remember when I started use Internet. Probably was when I was at the elementary school. Yes, I remember now, was the 7th class of elementary school and this was in the year 1999, it was very slow because the connection was dial-up, but I like to much because was something new. So I started use mIrc, wonderful program for chat, I met many friends on it but few year later I deleted it because I have received many viruses. My second connection was and is ADSL which is better then dial-up connection. With Internet I download music, film (divx), games, watch funny videos on Youtube, chat with msn messenger and play online games. Now I can't use Internet because in these hostel I don't have the connection.

ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2007

Something about me

My name is Matej Paliska, I live in the beautiful and small Izola. I went to italian primary school in Isola and when I finished it I don't know where I would go and for this reason I went to secondary school of economics also in italian language. Now I am attending a vocational college course called Informatics. I like going out with my friends, stay with my girlfriend, go to my grandmother to drink a cup of coffee and many other things. In my free time I play accordion, watch TV and new films (possibly comedy) and play computer games. I like computers, for this reason I go to TŠC, and I would like to learn more of it.